Mario Fazekas

Mario Fazekas

Mario Fazekas is the owner of and, during the past 17 years, he has spent over 700 days on photo safaris in African National Parks such as the Kruger Park, Kgalagadi, and Pilanesberg in South Africa, Etosha in Namibia plus Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara in Tanzania. He is the author of two photo site guides (The Photographer’s Guide to Etosha and The Photographer’s Guide to the Pilanesberg) and many of his photographs have been published and his photos have featured in a number of photographic contests.

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African Photography Safari

The Photographer's Guide to Etosha National Park
by Kathryn Haylett and Mario & Jenny Fazekas
An African photography safari may seem like a world of possibilities away but if you are a nature photogra...

an Interview with Wildlife Photographer Mario Fazekas

Digital wildlife photography is an area that I have no expertise in, so I asked wildlife safari park photographer Mario Fazekas if I could interview him so that you could get an insight into how to ge...

A Southern African Photo Safari With a Difference – From Inside the Rest Camps!

A Guest Post by Mario Fazekas.
When you think of an ‘African safari’ you most probably picture a Land Cruiser thundering across the savanna chasing after the ‘big-five’ animals.
We mainly do self-driv...

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Big Game caught in the Lights!
Oct 14, 2011

Look at these two pics taken in the Kgalagadi Park using a Blitz 240 to illuminate them! The lions were about 70-80 meters away and the Blitz 240 was used plus a flash. The leopard was over 120 meters away and just the Blitz 240 was used to illuminate the cat as the flash would never reach that far!
These pics are a great exmaple of the superior Lightforce beam and we thank mario for sending them in. You can have a read of more of their adventures by going to

Quantum Flashline

If you visit national parks such as the Kruger Park, Kgalagadi and Etosha you will have great opportunities to photograph at night but then you’ll want to have a flash that is powerful enough to reach...

South African wildlife photographer Mario Fazekas discovers the pleasures of shooting skyscapes

For Mario Fazekas, living in Johannesburg, South Africa, for the past 26 years has been a blessing. "I have specialized in wildlife photography since 1995 and focused primarily on the 'big-five' Afric...

Wild Card Blog

Not all is at peace in the Kruger Park... Find out what happens in our photo sequence by Mario Fazekas.
We were driving along the Luvuvhu River when we spotted two impala at the river edge. We saw wha...